The JSConf Trail

May 2-3, Version 2011

How Was JSConf?

Epic. Watch this video full screen for a taste.

JSConf 2011 from SlexAxton on Vimeo.

The JSConf US 2011 Schedule

Bringing someone with you? Check out the Significant Others Track!

Sunday May 1, 2011

Zappos' Beer Tasting Pirate Party 8:00PM - 12:00AM Details

Wednesday May 4, 2011

The Bloomberg Brunch at the Hangover Cafe 9:00AM - 2:00PM Details


The Latest News for JSConf, always hot and fresh!

Portland Art Museum

JSConf US 2011 will be held in the epic Portland Art Museum on May 2nd and May 3rd. Yes - we are dragging the craziest conference ever westward AND bring it to culture, art, sophistication. What better place to house a conference themed around the artistic 8-bit excellence of a 1985 Apple II game? From rebels to pirates to wagoneers - JSConf never stops and this year we have more than a couple rivers to ford that will make your day. Come ready, come prepared and most importantly come with a laptop.

Kimpton Hotels - Hotel Vintage Plaza

All the legendary luxury you have come to expect from JSConf and most importantly the leopard-print robes, we found a Kimpton property to stop your wagons - The Hotel Vintage Plaza. Not just that, but we are happy to present room rates starting at an all-time JSConf low of $145/night. These rooms will book up as there is limited space available so reserve now online or call 1-800-243-0555 and use the code "JSConf". Taking a cue from JSConf EU, the conference hotel is a short walk (~8 minutes) from the conference venue. Portland is an awesome city, so our recommendation is to take the long way to and from the conference - trust us, you will enjoy it. We will be posting places to visit and things to do here, so check back often.

Significant Others Track

We have all been there, the significant others, left in the hotel room - alone. BUT NOT AT JSCONF!!! Thanks to an awesome sponsorship by the awesome people from Jupiter, we have 2 full days packed with awesome activities for you. From visiting some of the amazing nature to old historic mansions, there is something for everyone on the significant others track. The only rule - no JavaScript talk!

On the significant other track, everything is included so there is no reason not to register today!

Monday May 2nd, 2011

Time Event
8:00 AMBreakfast
10:00 AMMeeting in Hacker Lounge at Portland Art Museum
10:30 AMBus Leaves to Multnomah Falls - scenic drive
11:15 AMArrive at Falls - see falls and hike around
12:30 PMLunch at Multnomah Falls Lodge
2:30 PMBus Leaves Multnomah Falls for Pittock Mansion
3:00 PMTour Pittock Mansion
4:00 PMReturn to Portland Art Museum

Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

Time Event
8:00 AMBreakfast
10:00 AMMeeting in Hacker Lounge at Portland Art Museum
10:15 AMLeave for Walking Tour of Portland
12:30 PMLunch
2:30 PMVisit Lan Su Chinese Garden
4:00 PMReturn to Portland Art Museum

Meet Our Epic Speakers!

Listed below are the selected speakers for JSConf 2011. We had over 150 awesome speaker proposals that can be seen here, if you wish to browse them. Some of these proposals may be presented at JSConf still on our awesome Track B stage, so be sure to look for them in May!

Aaron Quint
John Tesh does Client Side Javascript
Adam Christian
Run your JS everywhere, with Jellyfish
Alex Russell
Performance of feature detection
Andrew Dupont
Everything is Permitted: Extending Built-ins
Avni Khatri Alice Bonhomme-Biais
Avni Khatri and Alice Bonhomme-Biais
How quick can we be? Current data visualization techniques for front-end engineers
Ben Combee
JS for Mobile: The Enyo Framework
Dan Webb
Pimp Your JS Library
Daniel Austin
Notes on a High-performance JSON Protocol
Dethe Elza
Introducing Waterbear
Fabian Jakobs
Bespin, Skywriter, Ace - The Past, Present and Future of online Code Editing
Jeremy Ashkenas
CoffeeScript as a JS/Next
Jeremy Johnstone
Javascript powered TVs!?
Malte (der Zuhälter) Ubl Meno Abels
Conference WIFI Redux
Marijn Haverbeke
How 2011-era JS engines compile your scripts (and why it matters)
Mark Headd
Telephony and Communication Apps with Node.js
Mary Rose Cook
Artificial Intelligence, collision detection and falling in love in Pistol Slut, a 2D platform shooter.
Matthew Eernisse
Heaven and Hell: JavaScript Everywhere
Nick Small
Fighting Crime and Kicking Apps with Batman.js
Paul Campbell
FunConf: The demon lovechild of JSConf
Ray C. Morgan
App vs Web - Lessons from
Rick Waldron
Intermission Entertainment with Popcorn.js
Thomas Fuchs
Nano? Pico? Femto? Atto? Zepto!

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Meet Our Awesome Sponsors!

"JSConf is awesome". That seems to be the going definition of this intimate conference dedicated to the JS programming language. One thing has been made clear, JSConf is one of the best tech conferences out there and rightly so, because JavaScript or JS is one of the best languages out there. The core focus of this conference is to present the wonders of JavaScript that are often overlooked. The content of the conference caters to all types of JavaScript developers from client interface to server development to testing. We are pirates. We are JSConf!

JavaScript API
About PromoteJS

JSConf focuses on two things, presenting mind-altering JavaScript technology during the daytime and providing exceptional "networking" parties during the evenings. JavaScript is exploding on the scene despite years of being behind the curtain as the workhorse of the web. JSConf is right there to expose and help push the state of the art with JavaScript in the browser, server, mobile, and desktop environments. One of the key differentiators about JSConf is that its put on by a (crazy) group of JavaScript developers just like you, so we ensure that everything that matters is taken care. We believe quality matters over quantity and that you deserve a better conference every year running.

The theme for JSConf US 2011 is "The JSConf Trail", sort of a play on the 10980's 8-bit game we all grew up with about the journey westward during the 1860s. Everything you have seen, heard, or come to know of about JSConf is about to change once again. Prepare your wagon and oxen to ford the river for an amazing time as the JavaScript community comes together once again in Portland, Oregon. Also, don't forget to pack your rad 1980's clothes that we both know that you have. Trust us, they will come in handy :) .

We are trying to make something different and we are trying to do it with JavaScript.

Who are we?

Chris Williams - Curator JSConf

Chris Williams - @voodootikigod

Chris is the Vice President of Product Development at OurParents, co-curator of JSConf, founder of Iterative Designs, and producer of JSConf Live and the Minute With podcast series. He has some crazy ideas about how we, technical leaders around the world, should grow sustainable development communities.

Laura Williams - Curator JSConf

Laura Williams - @lwilliams

Laura is the founder of Loda Floral Design and the co-curator of JSConf. She is the organizational force behind JS Boot Camp in Washington, DC and quite impressively is a licensed architect and an awesome mother.